For decades, many of our clients have hailed from a beautiful city with a population of almost 50,000. This city is directly north of Orlando and is called Winter Park. Now while beautiful, it also shares the plight with many other Florida cities, these residents have the customary problems with pests and bugs. We offer relief with our great pest services, and we also offer shrub maintenance and lawn care.

The usual suspects that might be invading the home of you and your families might include cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, spiders, mice, and don’t forget those annoying gnats and mosquitoes.  Using best practices and employing knowledgeable and experienced staff we have been guaranteeing removal of these pests since 1999. Our staff not only know what they are doing, but they are dedicated to getting the job done right the first time. They don’t want you to have to deal with sleepless nights, discomfort or recurring problems.

If other pest control companies have fallen short of what they have advertised in the past and you are looking for a company that is family-oriented and has a track record for getting the job done correctly; give us a call at Control Pest Management today. We graciously extend discounts to any first time customer; we are more interested in build long lasting relationships instead of going through hundreds of temporary customers. We know that the only way to succeed is to make sure that our customers are happy and keep coming back for more. We service commercial businesses as well as residential homes, and we are deeply proud of our quality in both our pest control and lawn care services. We are even more proud to be able to offer these services at an affordable price. We also offer services throughout central Florida’s cities.

We offer our lawn and pest services in the following zip codes in Winter Park: 32789, 32792. We also offer services in the central Florida area. Contact us at Control Pest Management now.