Oviedo Pest Control and Lawn Care

With the hundreds of things going on in our lives along with another thousand expenses, the last things we want to worry about are pests in our home and our lawn’s health beginning to suffer.  Though many of us are proactive with taking care of these tasks, you can’t always predict termites burrowing into your house or a disease sweeping your landscape.

Control Pest Management has been working exclusively in central Florida for over a decade.  We’ve been tweaking our techniques, pest control products, and customer experience to provide control services you can count on us to be a solid partner in keeping up the integrity and beauty of your home.  We have more of a family-oriented approach to our business, so we create relationships with our customers that can be easily lost with larger companies that have thousands upon thousands of accounts.   By focusing on smaller geographic areas such as Oviedo, we know what pests and specific lawn diseases exist in this region and how to prevent and combat each one of them.

Control Pest Management succeeds by giving customers sophisticated, scientifically-tested services that would typically cost and arm and a leg from another pest control company.  We understand that families in central Florida have a financial burden from many other sources, so we work hard to keep costs manageable.

You should have a high level of satisfaction when retaining a company to do your pest control and lawn care.  There’s no reason to feel stuck in a situation where your company is charging you too much and they aren’t getting their work done correctly the first time.  If you want to give Control Pest Management a shot in creating a safe environment for you, your family, and your pets, please contact us today.  We service the area codes of 32762, 32765, 32766 in Oviedo.