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Orlando Pest Control and Lawn Care

The beautiful city of Orlando has a population of 243,195, lying directly south of Altamonte Springs, Orlando has been the home to a wide selection of our clients for over 10 years. Like many homes in the Central Florida area, residents here are frequently troubled with bugs and pests. We offer shrub care and lawn maintenance as well as help with these bugs and pests.

Orlando is the vacation spot of choice for families. Known for its popular theme parks like Disney World and Sea World, the city manages to attract thousands of families each year to the city. The temperature and the environment is not only popular to families, it’s also popular to pests. Homeowners residing in the Orlando area know all too well how hard it is to manage a pest control problem.

Typical bugs causing problems for your family may include cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, spiders as well as gnats and flies and mice. It’s been our responsibility to remove said pests since 1999. Using our best practices, as well as hiring the most knowledgeable experienced specialists for this process, we promise to get the job done right the first time.

If you’ve ever had problems that other pest control companies couldn’t eradicate, you’ll love our family oriented company. We have received praise for doing the job right the first time and we offer a first time customer discount just so that you can decide if we’re a good fit for your household needs.

We specialize in both residential and commercial buildings and we take pride in our quality care of lawn and pest control services. With our reasonable pricing, you can’t go wrong. We also offer our services to many other cities located in and around Central Florida.

Our company specializes in pest control and lawn care services for several reasons. We deliver the solutions that get outstanding results comparable to those offered by larger companies with lower costs and higher rates of success. Most customers are surprised to see our solutions exceed their expectations, and because of that, are often our customers for long periods of time, often only dropping us when they have to move out of the state or into an apartment. Our cost-effective services are among the most competitive offered in the area. We encourage first-time customers to give us a call and see what we can do for them.

Control Pest Management values each customer relationship. We’re not some national brand; we service the Orlando, Tampa, and central Florida area exclusively. We pride ourselves in being an established brand deeply connected to the community, along with employing only the best technicians that guarantee results. We are committed to being able to get the project right the very first time. This results in savings to our customers, allowing them to keep their project under budget, and of course removing the headache and stress of getting tied up with a company that keeps coming out to fix their mistakes.

We employ the expert strategies for combating pests and lawn disease based on well-researched, published methodologies that result in treatment services that are both safe and effective for pets and family members. We provide solutions that protect the home and property so that our customers get the results without being exposed to excessive, harsh chemicals.

Our pest control and lawn care services 32801 and surrounding areas. We also serve all of central Florida and cities in the Orlando area.  Give us a call today for a free estimate for your lawn and/or pest needs. If you’re searching for pest control, lawn care or more elsewhere in Central Florida, please don’t hesitate to give our experts at Control Pest Management a call today.