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Longwood Pest Control and Lawn Care

Located in Seminole county, Longwood is a small town located in central Florida pushing 14,000 residents.  With a historical background and family-friendly neighborhoods, some families overlook protecting their home from potential invaders such as termites and cockroaches.  Even though your home and landscape may look immaculate on the outside, being proactive with a reliable pest control and lawn care service will save you a lot of stress in the future.

At Control Pest Management, our experts have been working with residents specifically in central Florida for over a decade.  Each region has its own precise weather conditions and unique catalog of creatures that are waiting to breach your property.  We want our clients to feel comfortable with us being in charge of protecting their property from unwanted guests – we’ve been doing it for a long time, and we have plenty of content customers right here in Longwood that we’ve maintained relationships with for a long time.

So why us and not them?  To start, our experience deals with specifically Tampa and central Florida, so we have perfected our services in these geographic areas.  We take a family-oriented, relationship approach.  We want to partner with you and make sure things are done right the first time – some companies will give you a guarantee if they don’t do it right the first time, but why would you want to spend your time having them back twice, three times, or more?

People often consider pest control and lawn care companies to be all the same.  Understandably, the perception is simply moving lawns and spray pesticides and insecticides.  But if you were to look deeper, making those elements of home care and lawn care work takes years of experience, a deep knowledge of Florida weather and geography, and a keen understanding of what resources and tools to use to maintain your property and landscape.  The experts at Control Pest Management uphold all of these qualities while still providing services that will fit your budget.  If you are located in Longwood, Florida and are looking for a pest control and/or lawn care company that has dealt with this region for over a decade, give us a call today.  We’d be happy to discuss plans that fit into your budget and also offer you a free consultation.