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Lake Mary Pest Control and Lawn Care

Voted the #4 place in America to live by “Money Magazine” in 2007, Lake Mary certainly is one of the nicest locations in central Florida.  With friendly neighborhoods, good schools, and nice homes, some of the only unwelcome residents of the city are pests such as cockroaches and termites.  If you’re dealing with these problems in Lake Mary, it may be the only thing preventing you from enjoying the area.

When pests arise on your property, it may be difficult to see the signs of the onset of invasion.  With everything you have going on in your life, you many not have the time to meticulously identify them.  It is important in this regard to stay proactive with your pest control, and sometimes the best way to do that is to have a pest control company periodically check out your property and use preventative techniques to ensure that they will remain absent from your home.

When it comes to lawn care, there’s nothing that can have your house stand out on your block more than high quality landscaping (besides possibly obnoxious holiday decorations).  It is possible to take your property to that level with Control Pest Management.  We not only offer great tree and shrub services, but we maintain the fertilization and weeds of your landscape, while keeping disease and insects at bay.  The time and research we’ve put into the products and techniques has paid off for our clients when they receive an exceptional landscape that can rely on.

If you want a change with experienced technicians that only employ the best practices forpest control in Lake Mary and lawn care for a reasonable price, give us a call.  If you’re a first time customer, we will give you $25 off of your first service with us.  We want to welcome you to the Control Pest Management family where we invest time and interest into your property.  For pest control and lawn care you can count on in the 32746 and the 32795, give us a call today.