Indoor Pest Control in Central Florida

Your house is virtually spotless.  You’ve tried all sorts of sprays, powders, hotels, motels, and bombs.  But those household pests laugh in the face of grocery store remedies and defy “professional strength” remedies you’ve tried. Even if your home is new, pests breed at a tremendous rate and now is the time to protect your home before they become a problem.  The solution? A professional program from Control Pest Management.  Residents of central Florida and Tampa have been counting on us for over a decade.

A Sound Program

There’s no guesswork with Control Pest Management, just results. All of our technicians are trainer and use only state-of-the-art equipment.  They will perform a free inspection that is thorough and accurate, so that problems and solutions specific to your household are identified correctly.  You’ll get a program that gets to the heart of the problem, by eliminating pests where they enter, live and breed. A sound program requires a solid pest control company.

Responsible Integrated Pest Management

We’re serious about our products.  Control Pest Management tests and evaluates our products for ongoing effectiveness as well as safety.  Therefore, we’ve developed treatments that are guaranteed to control household pests. Long gone are the days of “baseboard” sprays. Direct contact with our treatments are greatly reduced due to our exterior perimeter defense treatment. CPM applies a barrier around your home as well as treats around windows and doors. We also sweep cobwebs and treat wasp nests around soffits. Whenever treatments are needed on the interior, we use baits and dusts whenever possible to eliminate the use of  sprays inside.

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