Heathrow, a private residential community with 2,000 households and over 4,000 people, is situated in between Daytona Beach and Orlando. For over ten years, it has also been the place that many of our clients call home. Like most towns found in central Florida, inhabitants of Heathrow have difficulty with unwanted bugs and insects. Through the years we have been right here to help you with pest problems, as well as providing fantastic products and services including plant upkeep and yard treatment.

Common nuisance insects that lead to damage to your home may include bedbugs, subterranean termites, roaches, rodents, spiders, and even an excessive number of flying insects. It has been, and remains, our work to ensure elimination of these unwanted pests since 1999. We do the work employing industry best practices and take pains to hire professional and knowledgeable experts who are motivated to make it right the very first time. We don’t want you to experience continuing troubles, difficulty sleeping, or unnecessarily anxiety due to these pests.

If you’ve experienced issues with other pest management firms previously and hope to work with a family firm that takes satisfaction in performing it right the very first time, then phone us at Control Pest Management now. For the initial client, we’d be happy to provide you with a price reduction on your first services to help you find out if we’re a good match for an extended business relationship. We offer our expert services both for home and business organizations. We are proud of ability to maintain craftsmanship in yard treatment and insect control solutions while providing these services at a fair price. We also supply expert services in numerous other locations all around central Florida.

If you’re looking for pest control or lawn care in 32746, or anywhere else in central Florida, please contact the experts at Control Pest Management today.