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Apopka Pest Control and Lawn Care Services

Apopka, situated in central Florida, is located in both Orange and Seminole counties but mostly Orange county, where the metro-hub of Orlando, Florida is located.  At Control Pest Management, we’ve had relationships with residents of Apopka for years, offering lawn care and pest control services consistently to ensure that landscapes look great and pests and bugs never disrupt the comfort and quality of life of families that rely on us to get them quality results.

Some clients in Apopka count on us to take care of their termite problems.  Termites are notorious for being able to overwhelm your property in a short period of time because of the immense amount of damage they can cause.  We offer a retreat or repair warranty on all of our termite services.  We can even include a free inspection and estimate if you feel that your home is being afflicted by termites.

In regards to pest management, we feel that we have perfected the craft over the past decade.  Our treatments are based on clinical research as well as years of tweaking the treatments and sprays we use to get the best desired effect.  All of our products observe effectiveness as well as safety.  We want to provide something that absolutely works, but it also conscientious of your property, such as your kids or your pets. We believe that our techniques, as well as our excellent technicians, are capable of doing that.

Apopka, Florida is a beautiful city located in the Orlando-Kissimmee metropolitan area and currently holds as residence to over 41,000 Floridians. Known as the “Indoor Foliage Capital of The World” it also boasts some of the prettiest outdoor landscapes as well. With all the beautiful foliage comes the possibility for pests to invade and create an unpleasant experience for homeowners. It is because of this that not only does Control Pest Management offer a wide variety of lawn-care needs, but also provide an extremely detailed and guaranteed pest control solutions as well.

We truly understand how very easy it is for a home or business to become overrun by pests such as termites, cockroaches, mice and spiders. However our pest control solutions do not stop there. We also provide solutions for bothersome gnats and flies to help everyone better enjoy the outdoors and keep the indoors free of these pests as well. We also cover an even wider range of pest solutions by ensuring that homeowners’ homes are free of awful bedbugs that can be a little tougher for a lesser experienced pest control company.

Since 1999 we have guaranteed the removal of all these insects and vermin while still maintaining and caring for residential and business landscapes, lawns and shrubs. Our staff of experienced personnel care deeply for their work and take an extreme pride in ensuring that your home or business remains looking beautiful on the outside and pest free on the inside.

Our coverage isn’t merely limited to Apopka. We handle a wide range of Central Florida including the Tampa area as well as other cities in and around the central part of the state. Whatever the problem you can count on us to solve it and keep it solved so you or your quest won’t lose a minute of sleep dealing with pests. Call us at Control Pest Management anytime to set up an appointment and let us take care of your lawn or your pest needs.

Our pest management is grounded in university research, and so are our lawn programs.  We make sure that your lawn is protected well during specific times of the year.  It is an ongoing process to be able to ward all kinds of insects depending on the seasons.  Our proactive approach ensures you won’t be seeing many insects attempting to harass you, your loved ones, or your friends all year round.

If you want to experience a family-oriented company that produces results that exceeds the results of the big guys, give us a call today.  We provide pest control and lawn care services to 32703, 32704, 32712, and many other locations all over central Florida as well as Tampa.