Continued Lawn Care and Pest Control Support in Central Florida

We’ll keep you informed of all our procedures and methods, which your Control Pest Management technician is qualified to explain to you.  In addition, we’ll supply you with household tips which you should practice in conjunction with our visits, for complete pest control protection.  Should any situation arise between visits that need our attention, we’ll come back, at no charge.

Additional Services

  • The palm tree is an abundant plant in Florida and many companies do not treat palms properly. The major deficiencies in palms are manganese, magnesium and potassium. There are a variety of Palm spikes especially made for specific deficiencies. The fertilizer and micronutrient spikes are injected into the root zone of the palm and they slowly break down over a period of 6 months correcting deficiencies over time. Palms will need to be treated two times a year.
  • Having those unsightly weeds coming up through your flower beds, mulch, or stone? Tired of picking weeds from you landscape? Here’s your solution; Try out our bed weed control program and eliminate those weeds once and for all.weed_guide
  • Control Pest Management will visit your home every 3 months and treat your beds pathways and mulched areas with pre and post emergent products. These applications will kill all weed problems and prevent weeds from germinating in the future, Once again you will get the Control Pest Management guarantee or we will return free of charge.
  • When small areas of damage occur in a lawn, sodding may not be the answer. Sod replacement is expensive and there is a minimum order plus delivery costs. The answer may be grass plugs from Control Pest Management. Grass plugs are the perfect way to repair any lawn and usually costs less than half of what sod may cost. Plugs of grass are installed close together and fill in thin or damaged areas within months.
  • Many lawns in Florida can benefit from core aeration. Lawns that have heavy traffic areas, loam, muck or clay soils require aeration to improve water, air and nutrient movement through the soil. This is why golf courses do aeration on a regular basis. Core aeration is done by running a piece of equipment over your lawn much like a mower. However this machine pulls cores of soil and thatch from your turf to allow your lawn to breath better.
  • Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Bed bugs have become a serious problem and have reached epidemic proportions in many areas of the country. This is due to the the mobility of human travel and products like DDT being taken off the market. Control Pest Management has performed many successful treatments for bedbugs with excellent results. If you suspect something is feeding on you in the night, we can have someone come out and inspect your home free of charge.wild mouse
  • Control Pest Management offers preconstruction soil treatments designed to control subterranean termites. We also offer termite treatments to stud walls before they are covered for added protection. Whether you are a concrete company, builder or do it yourself, we have a program that is just right or you.
  • Occasionally, rodents can become a problem inside your home. We offer programs specific to the problem. Mice or rats can be controlled using traps and/or baits placed in safe areas to eliminate exposure to your family and pets.
  • While our program helps with fleas & ticks, occasionally they become a more serious problem and need special attention. Control offers a special treatment which includes spraying the interior of the home as well as the exterior perimeter and landscape beds. This is also a great time to have your pets groomed and treated as well. This way all harborage areas are treated and control is optimum.

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